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Do you fancy completing even more points ? If so the Western section are also running a challenge in 2018 so please go HERE







Dave Cooper at Burgh Island
Charles Caugheys bike at Hartland




*Another Challenge finished - where does the time go?*
*This yeras choices included places to eat and visit, I hope some of you
stopped and enjoyed them.*
*A total of 50 signed up. 14  have completed the Challenge, well done to
them. 21 didn`t visit any points and the remainder managed to get to some
of the locations.*
*Certificates will be issued in due course, electronic or hard copy, you
*Thank you for your support and to Mark and Alex for their help with the
web site and managing the photographs (495 in total)*

*Will there be one next year? - watch this space.*



*Challenge Update August*

*Only 26 pictures this month*

*Congratulations to Helen Beer on completing the Challenge.*

*We are now in the final month and there are quite a few entrants with only
a few locations to visit so hopefully lots of pictures in September.*

*Final report at the end of September*


*Challenge Update July 2018*

*Again over 60 pictures this month, seems to be the magic number*

*Congratulations to Dave Williamson, Mark Lithgow and Alex Hunt, all have
completed the Challenge.*

*Quite a few members registered that haven`t started yet - the
weather couldn`t be better - Get out there!*

*Next update in August *



*Challenge Update June 2018*

*Again over 60 pictures this month*

*Congratulations to Brian Lee and Phil Sampson, both have completed the

*Several South West members are making good progress on the Welsh
photographic challenge so plenty of destinations to choose from - the
weather couldn`t be better - Get out there!*

*Next update in July*


* Challenge update May 2018 *

*Alison and I have been in Spain so apologies for a few late replies.*
*Over 250 pictures now and the standard is very high this year - lots of
photographers among you.*
*Alex has managed the albums in my absence and chosen this months pictures.*
*No new entries but a reminder to any new members, it is not too late to
join in and you will meet some nice people!*


*Challenge Update April 2018*

*Only one entry this month*

* Over 60 pictures this month, the improved weather has helped*

*Congratulations to Keith Tremeer. Keith completed the Challenge in poor
weather and three days. He also managed to capture 9 points of the Round
Britain Rally !(** http://www.roundbritainrally.co.uk/
< http://www.roundbritainrally.co.uk/ >)*

*We now have 175 photo entries and are using both Flickr pages. The
pictures are posted with the most recent at the top.*

*Next update in June*


*Challenge Update March 2018*

*No new entries this month*

* 25 pictures this month and note that both the Flickr pages are now in use
thanks to Alex*

*My hopes for the weather went unheard, I suspect some planned rides were
cancelled due to snow. We eventually managed to get to Wales and complete
the photographic challenge set by the Western section - recommended if you
are heading that way.*

*Ride safe*



Feb update 2018

*Only a couple of entries and a few pictures this month*

*Some seriously cold and icy days  certainly not a time to be on two wheels*

*We are off to try the Welsh Challenge  with a plan to do all 20 points in
5 days!*

*Thanks again for you support, next update at the end of March - clocks
change on the 25th - looking forward to Spring*


*Challenge Update January 2018*

*Lots of interest with 38 entries from several sections*

*A few have braved the weather and submitted 46 pictures all visible in the
Flickr pages*

*Thanks again for you support, next update at the end of February -
hopefully the weather will have improved along with the lighter evenings*



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