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Thursday 2nd August to Sunday 5th 2018



The Lavender Rally.
20 of us turned up for the Lavender Rally this year with campervans and tents on Cheristow's camping field. We always welcome Vintage and Classic Register members at this Rally and it was nice to see a couple of classic airhead RTs there. Thanks Les and Paul for bringing your R100 RT and R80 RT for us to see.  Both lovely well looked after bikes, which is more than can be said for the old wreck of A GS belonging to Pete.  Hope it got you home ok mate.
Friday evening saw us celebrating Debbie's birthday with champagne and cake and having our usual good laugh together. The balloon popping efforts on Sat. eve were a hoot.
We woke up on Saturday morning to a thick fog (in fact we went to bed on Friday with it too) but it did clear and the rest of the weekend was tropical. With no light pollution on the Hartland Peninsula the display of stars in the night sky was stunning.
The bbq on Sat. Night was particularly enjoyable with everybody enjoying food, drink and each other's company
Thanks to Jon for your hard work and to DFS and Ron for doing the ride out on Exmoor whilst others enjoyed a walk around Hartland.
Thanks for coming.

Ride safely. Jim.




Saturday 21st July 2018

Ocean Torbay held a launch of the Bike Shack, which is as it sounds a temporary venue until they build a mega car and bike dealership on the same premises, it should quite impressive at a cost of 4.8 million!

They supplied free burgers, a band which were loud enough to discourage the sales team if you needed a get out clause from a sale, but sounded alright. We set up our gazebo but were very short on furniture as we normally scrounge table and some chairs from the dealers, but they had nothing there, as it's just a shack.  We had to use Phil and Alistair's bikes as tables to keep the literature on.

We had several members come along and introduce themselves, some had not attended any meets as yet so it was good to meet them and to encourage them to the wider experiences of the BMW Club. There was a nice display of bikes to look at and try including the range of R Nine T Boxers, I would make room in the stable for one, as well as the new RT and new XR, all very nice.

Several of our members had demo rides, including Chris on a RS 1200 and Alistair on the new electric scooter, both impressed but not enough to buy. The place was on a bit of a slope and several of the riders on the demos looked apprehensive as they were lining up to depart. The day was generally a success, we did encourage some new member interest and some existing members to take more part. Of course there were the ones who turn up for just a feed, have no interest in bikes let alone BMW's. It did attract a fair number of the HOG riders, maybe to be converted away from the dark side. I suspect that is par for the course and Ocean take that into account when they organise such events.  





Friday 13th to Friday 20th July 2018

We start out with a series of emails from Brittany Ferries over a few days before departure informing us, that the Pont Aven would be late docking in Plymouth on Thursday evening the 12th. . Eventually departing at 23:30 instead of 20:45 she had apparently, developed mechanical problems on the Tuesday and was repaired in Portsmouth and obviously sailing late with the Captain trying to make up time on the next few crossings.
So I set off for Plymouth for a leisurely ride to the ferry terminal, but as I approached Lee Mill I saw the blue lights behind me of an unmarked police car, traffic was building and coming to a halt and up ahead I saw a swathe of blue lights and the A38 at a standstill and closed great !!!
Being on a bike I managed to manoeuvre myself through the standing traffic and take the turn off for Lee Mill.
This road was quiet and I went up past Tescos and followed my nose towards Plymouth, but as I approached Cornwood it appeared the World and his Wife where doing the same !
A delay of some 40 minutes installed a fear of “ I'm going to miss this ferry”.
I got clear of Cornwood and could clearly see the Lights of Plymouth and took the great new road down through the quarries and onwards unhindered to Millbay docks were the rest of the group barring Pete Frost where waiting.
The trouble turned out to be, that a teenage girl was threatening to throw herself off the bridge over the A38.
Five minutes later and a rumble of a GS twin and Pete was also with us having back tracked up the A38 following a bike rider on his way to work who told him and several others to follow him.
On the ferry we head for the bar and soon retire to our cabins.
Its morning time and feverish cabin stewards are entering our rooms and basically telling to “get out !”
The heat outside is already climbing towards 30 degrees and we now head down to Huelgoat for a rest stop and coffee.
We now decide to visit the mythical restaurant in Mael Carhaix for a three course Plat Du Jour and a bottle of red wine for €11 euros.
The restaurant is called “Le Relais des Sources” and now offers a four course set menu with coffee and Merlot wine for €13 euros.
As always ( the crew now believe me of its existence ) the food and service was superb !
Onwards and my sat nav is telling me that we have 88 Kms to go but Dave is leading with is BMW navigator and the 88 soon turns into 113 !!
Hot, sweaty and tired we get to the camp site where the ever cheerful Nathalie is waiting for us as are Jon and is Wife Anna who had gone out to France a week earlier.
Getting unpacked and settled in we headed up to the Super U in Josselin for our supplies and spent the rest of the day eating and drinking, very pleasurable.


Nathalie gives us a leaflet explaining that today, the town in Josselin is converted into a Medieval one with hundreds to see and do, so we all head off into Josselin.
It was ten euros to get in and the town was covered in straw with lots of stalls and shops and loads of parades, it really was authentic and the Château was open and entry included in the price.
The only downside for me was the heat, boy was it hot !
You could leave the town and have a wrist band put on for re entry and we headed across the Canal to the restaurant “Hotel du Château” and sat outside quaffing ice cold Leffe lager and going inside for a very nice lunch before going back into the town for more fun and adventure, then it was back to the site for more merriment and an evening of magic and myrth.


Well there is huge event on today and it features our host country and Croatia, it is of course the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final.
Our destination though is the wonderful and stunning town of Etel nestled beside the River of Etel.
En route we stop at a cafe in a town of Languidic for coffee and for a Sunday the whole town seems to be buzzing and welcoming.
Onwards to Etel and we chose to eat in a restaurant called “Le Abbi de Pecheur”, the restaurant has a beach feel to it as under feet they had placed lots of golden beach sand.
A great ride back to the site saw us take a brief diversion into Auray then all basking in the glorious sun back at the site and listening to the rest of the camp site going crazy as France knocked in the goals to secure top spot as 2018 World Champions.
This evening we all had a BBQ expertly cooked by Jon on the sites communal BBQ, which included breads and salad and dips and of course accompanied by plenty of cold beer and wine.


We are off to the “La Maison du Cidre” today and again its a real scorcher of a day. The Museum includes three glasses of the Cider produced by the farm nowadays for you to try out, or apple juice if you want something non alcoholic. It was once all done by traditional methods and you can view lots of exhibits ( that are rapidly being devoured by Woodworm may I add ) you also get to see a movie presentation subtitled in English in the comfortable cinema. From here we rode to the town of Sarzeau and had a great lunch at a restaurant called “ Porquois Pas !” The group now split with Phil, Dave C , Dave and Ron and Jan heading down the road to Port Navalo where they scoffed delicious ice cream. The rest of us headed back to Josselin and started to prepare another BBQ as there was loads left over from Sunday. Once again we all sat around enjoying Jon's cooking and supping beer and sipping wine.


Peanut is leading the ride down to the beautiful town of Rochefort-en-Terre but misses the turn off on the N24 so its turn around time and back down the opposite way, unfortunately we lose Pete Frost who is prevented from exiting by a large French lorry. On arrival in Rochefort we call him and tell him we will meet him here but he was quite happy to have a day on his own back at the ranch.
Rochefort -en-Terre really is a beautiful town and we all set about exploring its fine buildings. We all decide to have lunch here before heading off to Le Croisic. Heading South we soon arrive at the salt farms and into the town itself. This part of Brittany seems very busy but it is the French school holidays after all. In Le Croisic we wondered around the harbour and sat outside enjoying coffees in one of the large number of cafes we also had another ice cream as it was so hot. We soon head back to the camp site and are once again reunited with our old chum Frosty.


Today we are riding to the museum of the Breton resistance in World war 2 in Saint-Marcel except for Ron & Jan who have hired bikes from the site and cycled along the Nantes Brest canal .
Jon had been to the museum before so led the ride down to it and found a great place to park under the trees in the forest and in the shade from the blistering heat. We were given an English translation sheet as we entered and I must admit that I am not a fan of museums but found this one to be very thought provoking and sombre.
There was a quietness as we all sat outside amongst the various military objects ready to regroup.
Dave Charlton now takes us down to the canal side town of Redon where we enjoy probably the best meal of the week in a restaurant called “Patates & Compagnie” however sitting outside was rather cramped and slightly spoiled what was otherwise an excellent fare.


Just where has the week gone ? We cant believe its our final day here and its been so darn hot that we all feel like just collapsing and drinking fine wine and beer. But its onwards as always and its a split up trip out today albeit we are all heading in the same direction.
We all visited the standing stones at Monteneuf ( at different times ) then some went onwards to the Abbey at Paimpont. Nathalie booked a table for us for our final evening in the square in Josselin all bar two of us went down and enjoyed another very good meal and an evening of laughs and merriment.


Its going home day and I cannot believe where the week has gone , they say that time flies when you are having fun and it was never truer of this past week. We say our goodbyes and head back to the town of Huelgoat for another fine meal in a restaurant called “Hotel du Lac” over looking the lake. We now head up through some great biking roads through the forest and the National Park d Amorique.
All too soon we were back at the Ferry port then boarded and back in Plymouth.
It was a great week and we had an absolutely fabulous time.



On board at last !
Bikes parked outside Le Relais De Sources in Mael Carhaix
Enjoying the Plat Du Jour
The impressive Chateau in Josselin
View of the Brest Nantes Canal from The Chateau
Getting ready to enter Josselin for Medevial day
Medevial characters
One of the many parade reenactments
This is the modern World !
Inside the Museum of the Resistance
Enjoying the glasses of Cidre at the Maison Du Cidre
Jon and his bike at Le Croisic
Large glass of ice cold Leffe
And a nice glass of French Cidre !
Getting ready for lunch in Redon
Lamb shank for mains !
Desserts were extra special too !
Sat in the square inJosselin getting ready for our last evening meal
Both Jon & Pete went for Oysters as starters
Some chose Goats cheese
Desserts were again excellent !
We had a nice coffee shop stop on the way back to Roscoff




Tuesday 10th July 2018


Just a couple of picture's from the Engine House on Tuesday 10th. July, and to say it is still popular with eight people and seven bike's attending,
not bad considering some people are on holiday that's all for now Phil.



Wednesday 4th July 2018


We visited the Coddy Shack for the first time this year on Wednesday the 4 th .  Chris, Phil, Debbie, Annette, Malcolm, Sue and myself attended and enjoyed the good company, on a summers evening with succulent fish and chips, plus it is a very enjoyable ride down to Looe.    







Sunday 1st July 2018


The Ride out from Whiddon Down, lead by Graham Goddard with wife Julie on pillion, came as a result of an SNR, with the well published route helping to encourage a good turnout.  Having endured a summer heat wave, we all expected a hot and dry ride around South Devon. We were well wrong, it was the wettest day of the year, with the heaving rain following the route as we rode it.

Starting from The Hedge and Hog at Whiddon Down, a few added extra clothing against the lowering temperature, or more water proofing.   Graham lead off at 10.30 heading for Crediton, the now steady rain was looking like it was settling for the day.  The super biking road leading up to Bickleigh  didn't seem so great in the rain as it does on a dry one, we then carried on to Cullompton, and  Honiton, the traffic now starting to build, the rain getting heavy as we headed for Sidmouth where Graham pulled us in to a layby for comfort break.  This was a tipping point for some, who decided to leave as they were now getting very wet and to go on would only take them further away from home. 

The rest headed on now to Budleigh, by now the road was a river, the water several inches deep!  With a few less riders we headed for lunch at Bridge Motorcycles in Exeter, on route I had water get into the electrics and a misfire started, the bike would not tick over, which made it diffulcult to get through the traffic.  By this time a few more had decided they'd had enough of getting wet and departed, we left also after lunch as the bike was not behaving as it should and headed for home, but we had a ride home in sunshine!!!

The few remaining did head for Plymouth, to finish the ride. What was amazing, it was the only wet day in a heat wave of a summer, and we were thinking at least the garden was getting a good watering, only to find out that most of the wet weather had missed home, the ride seemed to have travelled with the rain. A big thanks to Graham for hosting and leading the ride out.  




Thursday 28th June 2018

The regular Thursday meet proves be a very popular meet with a least 11 attendees, I ventured out to attend, it was a sweltering day but the roads
are good.  We welcomed a new member Malcolm from North Devon, hopefully will see more of him in future, he came along with his trike, making 3
trikes attending with John and Sally and Ron and Jan with theirs.

Don Rabson




Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th June 2018



On this our 5th. Slimbridge Rally we had a reasonable turnout of I believe a total of twenty one at one time or another, most of those came on the Thursday and stayed for varying lengths of time.
On Friday morning four of us on three bike's set off for a ride to Hay Bluff just outside Hay- on - Wye, it should have been a ride of between 120 and 130 miles but due to a road closure and a unruly Sat Nav it ended up being 188 miles, non the less it was a very enjoyable ride and the view's from the top of Hay Bluff made it even more worthwhile, on arrival back at the  site it was a quick change and over to the pub for a couple of well earned drinks and something to eat, then back to the site to see the rest
of the arrivals and some more socialising, then off to bed.
On Saturday it was another nice day and eleven people on nine bike's set of for The AV8 cafe at Cotswold Airfield for a coffee, when we had all finished we split into two group's five went back to the site and the rest of us went for a ride to Bourton - on- Water for lunch. On arrival we all managed to get in one parking bay in the main car park so only had to pay £ 2-50 to park the five bikes for two hour's, so after having a wander around we found somewhere for some lunch, after lunch we wandered back to the
bike's by which time it was raining, so waterproofs on and back to the site via a more scenic route which started by turning off of the A 429 onto the A 436 to Andoversford, crossing the A 40 and staying on the A 436 until it joins the A 417 and down Birdlip Hill to join the M 5 at J 11A and down the M 5 for one junction and then onto the A 38 back to site,  stopping off at Attwooll's camping shop on the way, by which time it had stopped raining,
once back on site it was time for a cup of tea then down to more socialising for the rest of the day. In the morning it was time to pack up and say our goodby's. We hope that those that came all enjoyed themselves and hope to see you again next year, I would also like to thank Dave and Jim for their help with the the ride outs,

thanks Phil and Debbie.






Wednesday 20th June 2019

The second Fish and chip meet of the year was on the 20th which held at the Barbican Plymouth which happen to coincide with a bike night with some
custom machinery, unfortunately only 3 BMW club bikes turned up, still we enjoyed a tasty fish and chips, although plenty of alternatives are
available. A very nice ride there and back for us, as it was a lovely evening with good roads once you are clear of Plymouth, will have to try a
different venue for next year.

Don Rabson




Wednesday 6th June 2018

The Aviator Meet

On Wednesday 6th of June we had a second meet at the Aviator Coffee Bar on Dunkeswell Airfield, the weather was nice and sunny and I set off for the
90 min ride from Camelford, pretty much an uneventful ride there, except high volume of traffic, but most of it is on dual carriage way with part
M5, only the last a bit twisty.   

8 attended but not all at once, as one went another arrived, nice to see Dave Fox Spencer on his return from spending the winter in New Zealand and came back with an Australian he collected on his way home, I think called Arnie, I apologise if I have got that wrong.  As I was leaving, a long time member, John Dyke appeared on his R 100 RT, good to see him out and about again.
A lot less crowded than the last time, mainly due to the weather being a whole lot better, not so many grounded parachutists indoors and more
jumping out of aeroplanes. I will put a couple more meets there later in the year if I can't find anywhere better.

Don Rabson



Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd June 2018

Photo from 2017 rally


Phil was already on site when I arrived at Blue Hills campsite on Friday 1st June afternoon and the BMW Club flag was fluttering in the hazy sunshine.
It didn't take long to put my tent up having had lots of practice, then Phil and I toddled off to Wetherspoons in Perranporth for a meal and a few beers. We met up with Dave there too. Walking back along the coastal footpath in the twilight was interesting!
Saturday saw Simon arrive, and then Jon who chucked his kit inside my tent so he could join us for the rideout. Phil took us to 2 of the Alphabet Challenge points, Wendron Parish Cross and Geevor Tin Mine with a brunch stop at a great cafe which I can't remember the name of and probably wouldn't be able to find again either! The coast road from St.Ives to Lands End is a lovely ride, if a little narrow in places - motorcaravans getting in our way! BMW Motorrad in Falmouth was our next stop. Have you sat on one of those G310GSs yet? I did and I actually thought it was a F800 it's so big. When we got back to site Ian had arrived and for the rest of the day and evening we ate and drank what we had and enjoyed a lovely warm evening al fresco. Our old friend Robin and his partner Linda popped in and brought us some more beer. Thanks for that, and it was good to see you both again. The ride home on Sunday was very enjoyable, again taking in some of the Cornish coastline going North this time. Another great weekend with good friends. Thanks for coming and ride safely wherever you go.

Lotsaluv, Jim



Wednesday 30th May 2018


The weather was about 10% better than last year, it wasn't raining, which helped.. The chip shop in Yeovil was excellent. Good food. Prompt and friendly service to the tables. Bright and clean inside and everywhere and most important a large carpark. There was 5 of us there, Us, Keith from Western section, Tim from Ilminster, and Paul from 2 miles down the road. So after much discussion , guess who went home with the 10 pounds in her pocket. Just the job for lunch at Fishermans Cott next day. Will plan this again for later and also for a lunchtime meet next year if possible.





Saturday 26th May 2018


As Jim could not lead the ride to Bideford Bike Show due to unforseen circumstances I offered to lead it as I was going anyway. So I duly arrived
at Woodys Cafe at Sourton Cross and had a cup of tea, three people had arrived already and it was not long before two more arrived, so after we
had all had our drinks the six of us set off for Bideford.

It was quite overcast when we left but it did stay dry for the ride, as we approached Bideford the traffic started to build up so we ended up queuing for the
last part, by the the time we had parked we had lost two of our party. Just after we arrived it started to rain so we headed to Wetherspoons for some
lunch, by the time we came out again it was dry so we went and had a look at the bike's, some interesting and unusual bike's where on show, also a
few dealer's and all the usual stalls, so after we all had a good look we decided to head for home so Chris headed back the way we came and the rest
of us headed to the A39 and a cafe in Bude for a cup of tea. When we left Bude I led the way back as far as Camelford when we went our separate
way's. Just to say that the Bike Show is well worth a look and it has a nice choice of road's to get to Bideford so put it in your diary for next
year. Sorry we did not manage to find the two who went missing but hope to see you all again soon .




Friday 4th May to Sunday 6th 2018

After some pretty unsettled weather we were blessed with sunshine, clear blue skies and even more sunshine.
Club members came from as far away as South Wales, High Wycombe and Essex, we also had south west section members in attendance.
The weekend was completely informal with everyone just chilling out or taking a ride to wherever the mood took them.
What a good opportunity to collect a photo at nearby Colyford of the vintage petrol pumps, featured in the 2018 SW Challenge.
Unfortunately some elements of the Norman Lockyer Observatory were awaiting repair, but this didn't stop those of us that went from having a very informed evening.
The on site cafe and bar at the camp site was very handy, we were able to exchange a few anecdotes as well as enjoy a drink.  No worries concerning drink driving.
As expected I was the only one present riding a Moto Morini.
Les Madge





Friday April 27th to Sunday 29th 2018

What started as a very wet Friday ended up not being too bad weather wise, we even saw some sunshine and woke up to a dry day on Saturday with no more
rain for the rest of the Rally.

The camp site wasn't up to much regarding facilities but that was made up for by its stunning location in Exmoor's Doone valley and over half a mile from the nearest road down a badly potholed track. One of our group came a cropper on this track, dropping his bike and he and his wife sustaining minor injuries to shoulder and ankle.
Some of us had a good day out on the bikes on Saturday visiting Go Outdoors and the Triumph dealers in Taunton.

Thanks to Ron & Jan and Pete for leading us around some roads on Exmoor that I had never been on before coming back to the site over Robber's Bridge and past Oare Church, both featured in R.D.Blackmore's Classic novel Lorna Doone.
Interestingly, other makes of motorcycles outnumbered BMWs. Is this a sign?
Thanks to the 19 of you who came providing a good laugh and good company as usual.




Saturday 21st April 2018

There were 9 of us out for fish and chips in South Molton on Saturday, at The Welcome Fryer, along with my wife, and daughter who was visiting for the weekend.
Good to see new member James from South Molton on his lovely R100GSPD.
After filling our bellies 3 of us went for a ride around Exmoor; Simondsbath, Lynmouth and then Woody Bay Station for a coffee where the narrow gauge steam railway was in full operation chugging and puffing it's way up the track.
Thanks for your company. I'll see some of you at the weekend for Doone Exmoor camping.
Ride safely, Jim




Wednesday 18th April

On Wednesday 18th. April seven of us turned up at Lee Mill in the cafe where I had a very good twelve item breakfast for £6-50 as this was my main
meal for the day, it was decided that we would do another two of the challenge point's, Paignton Pier and Burgh Island, and as Chris knew the area he took the lead and I brought up the rear, Chris led us down a couple of interesting road's, on getting to Paignton Pier picture's were duly

On leaving Jim took the lead as we headed for Burgh Island it was a pleasant ride on a nice day on some nice road's a lot of which I have never
been on before, when we arrived at the car park which was pay and display, we took pictures again looking across to the Island and then went and
parked down by the cafe which is only takeaway with outside seating, so we went and had cup's of tea and ice creams.

After we had our refreshments it was time to head for home, when we reached the main road we all went our separate way's.  It was a very good day out with good company, I would like to thank Chris and Jim for doing the leading and also thank all of those that came and hope you enjoyed yourselves see you soon Phil.
The photo is of my bike with Burgh Island in the distance.







Sunday 18th March 2018

The little beast from the East did its best to stop the Bowgie Inn Meet on Sunday 18th but seven of us, all traveled by car, managed to beat the snow, to be truthful the snow didn’t hit Cornwall until after lunch, we had nice meal then headed home just in time to watch six inches of snow settle, we will try if there is room, to do another Bowgie meet later in the summer.






Saturday 10th March 2018

We had our first visit to the Aviator coffee bar at Dunkeswell Airfield on Saturday 10th of March, this had been postponed a week due to the snow, we had no snow but it rained an awful lot in the morning.

I had had a very eventful lead to this ride as when I did a pre ride check on the Friday I found a roofing tack in the front wheel, then attempting to repair the puncture with my newly acquired Dynaplug repair kit, I found a second hole, they all failed to repair, then down to the local bike shop, who condemned the tyre. Then an early start Saturday morning for a 100 mile round trip to have a tyre fitted, installed back in the bike and on my to Dunkeswell.

On arrival I found 9 members, it was very busy with lots of teenagers crowding the coffee bar, they were all waiting for the fog to lift so they could do a parachute jump, rather them than me. After a bite to eat 5 of us set off to do the Colyford Photo Challenge.

The Aviator Coffee Bar seems a good meeting point it’s a long way for the Cornish members so I would welcome some feedback on the Aviator meet to see if it is worth adding say bi monthly meet there, the bad weather leading up to the meet must have put a few off from going.

See you soon, Don




Wednesday 21st February 2018



About a dozen members met at the Haldon Grill cafe on top of Telegraph Hill for a ride along the coastal route and byways to Plymouth, unfortunately for Tim his 2017 GS had developed a coolant leak and was awaiting BMW recovery so would not join us for the rest of the ride.
Andy Lobb from Dawlish informed us that there where major road works in the town and the steep forest road down from the cafe to Starcross was also closed.
A quick rethink of my ride route saw us proceed a couple of miles down the A380 and take the turn off for Teignmouth and follow the B3192 down past the golf course with spectacular views of the town and Shaldon and the Ness headland below.
From here we crossed the bridge over the Teign River and turned right following the road out through Ringmore into Combeinteignhead and up over to the top of Newton Abbot.
We now followed a short cut out onto the A381 and into Totnes and eventually to the turn off to Ashprington.
We went through the Villages of Tuckenhay, East Cornworthy, Dittisham and into the naval town of Dartmouth.
We now followed the spectacular coast road through Stoke Fleming and the drop down and out of Blackpool Sands ( what a view ! ) before ending up by the World War 11 tank at the end of Slapton Sands for a toilet break.
Onwards as always and into Kingsbridge and on a few more miles before meeting at Valley View Cafe in Loddiswell where we teamed up with Chris Rogers for lunch.
Unfortunately the cafe is quite small and could not accommodate all of us inside, so we sat outside on the veranda and enjoyed the great views over the meandering Avon river.
Chris now led the ride to GT Motorcycles in Plymouth and to their GT Legends cafe for a slice of cake and a cup of tea/coffee.
They have a massive selection of both new and used bikes in there and its well worth a visit on any day of the week.
Despite the weather being fine and dry and very sunny, it was also very cold so I would like to thank all who turned up for what I think was a very enjoyable ride out.

See you all soon,




Tuesday 13th February 2018



When I arrived at the Engine House at 10-55 it was wet and cold, so I went straight in only to find it very busy and most of the empty table's
reserved, but managed to get a table for four.Not long after Ian Penrose arrived and we managed to bring over another table for two and with the
weather being so bad thought that would about do us, as it turned out it was just enough as we ended up with a total of eight so two had to sit on the end which was ok as they only had a drink.
Two of us were silly enough to come by bike but the rest had more sense and came by car, we spent a couple of very pleasant hour's before we went our separate ways.

My ride home was more pleasant than the ride up, and I went via Jamaica Inn to bag my first point of this year's Southwest Challenge.
Hope to see you all again soon.

Best Regards

Phil Sampson




Tuesday 9th January 2018

Our regular Tusday meet at the Engine House Callington had a good attendance,this time we had a total of twenty people braving the changeable
weather .We had Jed turn up and only joined the day before, and he was one of the nine that arrived by bike, we also had Roy arrive and he is a
perspective new member if he can find a BMW to suit him.Hhe is looking for an early eighties 650 boxer if anyone has one for sale, otherwise not much
to report except that the food and company was as good as usual. I did get a bit damp on the way home but it is January after all, hope to see you all

regards Phil.



Sunday 4th January 2018


On Sunday the Fourth January a total of sixteen members came to Jamaica Inn for our lunch meet, most came by car but a few hardy soul's came on two
wheel's. It was mainly dry but cold and quite cloudy at time's.
Most people had lunch but a couple just had a snack as they were eating in the evening, nearly all of the talk was about holiday's being arranged and
organised for this year, and the different rallies that people are going to try and attend.
Farthest traveled was Keith all the way from Taunton, and he is off to Spain and Austria and other place's in Europe in June and will be gone for
a couple of month's, so will miss a couple of the rallies this year.

So after a couple of very pleasant hour's we all headed for home, so I hope to
see you all again soon ,





Monday 1st January 2018


Last years ride was successful so we tried again. This time with a plan to ride some B roads to the textile mill at Uffculme in Devon. The machinery is driven by overhead shafting all powered by one of the largest steam engines in the UK. There was a planned “in steam” day and an on site cafe so the location seemed to fit the bill.A few days before the due date and a `phone call from Pete Leach (a long serving club member) and a very kind offer to call in to his house for tea and buns – how could we refuse?

On the day we gathered at the Hog and Hedge at Whiddon Down for the first round of teas. Phil, David, Pete, Alison and myself. A flying visit by Helen, back riding and heading back to Exeter to help a mate out – great to see you.After deciding that no one wanted to visit the mill (£12 entry) we set off for Exeter via the old A30. A stop at St Davids station where we were joined by Chris. A quick call to Pete to tell him how many for lunch and off to Tiverton up the Exe valley.

The river was in flood after all the recent rain and had broken banks in a few places.We met up with Pete and followed to his house. Sue had laid on tea, coffee and a choice of soups with bread rolls. All followed by cake and more tea all enjoyed in the cosy extension warmed by a roaring log fire – splendid.Pete then led the way toward Exeter on the old A38 and left us at Pinhoe. Chris peeled off at the services and we headed back to Whiddon Down after a quick detour due to my poor navigation! Another cuppa before going our separate ways.The weather was fairly kind with only a few heavy showers and I was so enjoying myself I forgot to take any photographs. Thanks to all and in particular Pete and Sue for their hospitality.




Tuesday 12th December 2017

Tuesday 12th. December. Thirteen member's came to the Engine House for our
regular second Tuesday of the month brunch meet, some came from as far away
as Taunton in the East to Perranporth in the West. Dave from Perranporth
even came on his newly purchased R1200RT, having swapped in his R1200GS
ADVENTURE. Five people arrived on four bike's and the rest came by car, not
a bad turnout seeing as it was quite cold and some people from further to
the East even had icy road's to start the trip.
It was nice to see Robin and his new lady Linda come to see us again after
rejoining the club last September, hope to see a bit more of them this year
at our rallies, after plenty to eat and drink we all started heading for
home from about twelve forty five on, after trying to put the world to
rights again.
Hope to see you all soon ,




The Fishermans Cot Bickleigh Saturday 2nd December 2017


We went to The Fisherman's Cot at Bickleigh near Tiverton again this year for our Christmas dinner.  They did us a lovely 3course meal for a very reasonable price, served nicely, and managed to sit the 27 of us all together in one area.
There were loads of prizes at the raffle, lots of which were brought by members attending the dinner, so thank you everybody, we raised £89 for our Air Ambulance Charity with first prize of the cost of your dinner going to Dave Charlton.
Quite a few of us stayed the night, some in rooms in the hotel and others in their camper vans in the hotel car park and so we met up again for breakfast before going our own ways again. I hope you all had a pleasant Christmas and I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy 2018. Thanks for coming. Jim.




Tuesday 14th November 2017


On Tuesday 14th. November Debbie and myself went to our section brunch meet at the Engine House at Callington in the car, as we were staying at Tavistock in our motorhome. This brunch meet still seems to be popular as thirteen people turned up in total including Dave one of our new members, most came by bike as it was quite a nice day. We all had a good chat some of which was discussing next year's Diary of Event's which is nearly  all sorted with just a few spare slots for ride outs and meets. Now on another subject and not for the first time someone left without paying for a cup of tea, in fact I think it is about the sixth time, so in future can you please make sure you pay your bill before you leave, that's it for now hope to see you all soon





Saturday 4th November 2017



The Wharf meet
We thought we would try a Saturday lunch meet, and after some discussion the Wharf on the Banks of the Bude Canal on the 4th of November was chosen as a try out. The Wharf has several option for tea and cake, but we picked out the the Lock Gate tea rooms. On arrival we met with Jim, John, Debbie, Phil, Pete and Dave our latest new member, after some concern as to where others may have parked up, a search team was sent out just to check, and they found Charles, Mark, and later Chris. We soon found a large table in the Lock Gates Tea room, where we could sit together and enjoyed good company and a bite to eat, it’s a very pretty setting nicely laid with free parking for bikes, with eleven in total so a good turn out, worth doing again, we are also searching for similar types of venue.

Don .






Thursday October 26th October 2017



On Thursday 26th Oct. a total of 13 people turned up at the Fisherman's Cot. it was quite a nice day for a ride so I went up on the bike, a total of 168 miles Rod and Chris came further all the way from Hayle, most came by bike and I think 4 came by car. We nearly all had lunch and a drink, some even had two courses,  I left a bit earlier than normal as I wanted to call in and see someone at Copplestone on the way home which I did, and David joined our club the same evening, I was asked to contact David by Jenny his sister that lives in New Zealand as has just moved to Copplestone. After a cup of tea and natter with David I had a good ride home, that's  it for now hope to see you all soon.

Best Regards

Phil Sampson



Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October 2017 North Tawton RFC


Hippo Rally 2017

I think you’re all mad! Who, in their right minds would come to a bike rally in the lashing rain and gale force winds? Well actually 53 Club members did!

Storm Brian tried his best but failed to dampen our spirits. Beer had gone up 50p this year to £2.50 a pint but Donna behind the bar gave us tickets whereby if we bought 10 pints, we got a free one. All that did was give us a target and plenty of free pints were claimed.

The rideout was modified to a safer route than the one planned but we got to Dingles Fairground Heritage Park and had a good laugh on the rides and lunch too. The final ride back was a bit hairy and there were plenty of wet underpants afterwards. No, the rain, not that!

Saturday night went down well with Bideford Town Band doing their stuff again and persuading some old bloke to get up and sing. The Andy Baines Long Distance Award went to Barry Warner from Bury with 264 miles. In that weather you deserved a medal Barry, not just a cheap Tankard. Kirsty"s Kitchen fed us all to her usual high standards and nobody went hungry.

Thanks go to all the SW Section members who helped in all sorts of ways from bringing extra food to running around like blue bottomed bluebottles looking after everybody, and for donating lots of lovely raffle prizes which raised £206 for our Charity Fund.

So, yes, I think we nailed it again this year. Thanks for coming . See you again next year. Same time, same place.

Ride safely, Jim.

Hippo booked for Friday 19th October to Sunday 21st 2018





" When touring in France you never now what is around the corner ! "




Tuesday 12th September 2017

On Tuesday the 12th. September I went to the Engine House for our monthly brunch meet arriving at 10-55 and was the first to arrive, with the next arriving at 11-15 and from then on it was a trickle untill a we had a total of 9, we had a drink on arrival and most people had a breakfast of one size or another, but some just had a drink and a cake. We had 4 come by car and the rest by bike, after a good chat it was time to head for home again and I got caught in a small shower on the way home, otherwise a good ride hope to see you all soon.







Sunday 10th September 2017 at Harford Bridge






Thursday 7th September to Sunday 10th 2017



Well on this our 6th Dartmoor Rally the wet weather really let us down, but that does not alter the fact that we were let down even more by the member's that did not make the effort to come along.On that note we will still be doing the Rally again next year, but unless we have a better turnout next year it will be the last. All though the turnout was poor I think the one's that came enjoyed themselves.

We had Dave from Scotland in the Shepherds Hut, Dave and Lavinia in one of the Pods, two /three /four van's for various nights and two tent's, and in the evening's we took over the on site television room, which had plenty of seat's for all of us and a large table.

On the Thursday evening 4 of us went into Tavistock in Debbies car for a meal at Wetherspoons, and the rest did their own thing. On Friday everyone that was already on site also did what they wanted.In the evening several of us enjoyed food from the on site catering van. All though it was a small number, 6 bike's and 7 people went on the ride out. We had only gone a couple of miles before the heaven's opened so Dave who was leading the ride out for me stopped under some trees for a while, but the rain never stopped so we set off again and it wasn't long before the sun came out, so we carried on to the Old Railway Station café at Okehampton where Debbie and her Mum met us for a drink and in some cases a bite to eat.

After we had all finished we continued on the ride out to Holsworthy and then on to Great Torrington for our lunch stop at the pannier market café. After lunch it was on to Winkleigh where two of us went one way and the other's went another as Daves sat nav decided that some green road's were needed ( grass down the middle), so on to North Tawton and Whiddon Down by which time we had caught up with the rest again, then on to Mortonhampsted for afternoon tea and cakes.

We were supposed to meet Debbie and her mum at the café, but they ended up in a different one to us but we did see them before we left. Then it was back across Dartmoor to the site, some of us via Yelverton and Morrisons at Tavistock for fuel and beer. Saturday evening four of us went in to Tavistock for fish and chips. Sunday morning some packed up and went home while the others stayed for the bike show and hog roast BBQ (see Dons report).

I would like to thank all of those that made the effort to come even with the poor forecast that was not as bad as we thought it was going to be, and especially to Dave for leading  the ride out. Hope to see you all again next year plus a few more.

Thanks.Phil and Debbie.




Friday 25th August to Monday 28th 2017


Helen Beer reports.....

Friday 25th August, 0715, 10 degrees and off to the East Anglian Section's National Rally..... excitement levels were high as I headed up the M5 to meet with friends at Cheltenham.... my instructions were to go past Cotswolds BMW (how mean was that!) and head to Morrisons. After that all I had to do was keep up - simples. Hugs and coffee and we were off.

Stow on the Wold, Chipping Norton, Banbury, Deddington, Croughton and coffee in Buckingham sat in the sun. Milton Keynes with the lovely roundabouts, Bedford, past Cambridge, Newmarket for Ice Creams, Stowmarket and 10 hours after leaving home landed with a warm welcome from the Meet and Greet team. There was definitely an autumn bite showing - although the daytime temperatures were good the trees were showing signs of change and there was lots of harvesting.

A relaxed evening meeting up with old friends and making new ones. The official rides were full by the time we got to the notice board but we hatched a cunning plan and set off on Saturday to Sutton Hoo (National Trust Burial Ground). Aldeburgh and Sizewell (no the fish did not have 3 eyes and the sea was not glowing). Our leader soon found grassy lanes and quiet wiggly roads - perfect.Bob (brackets) Bensley did a grand job with the auction and the vision of the hunky 6' 8" chap trying on the medium leathers will make me smile for a while. The raffle tickets were in short supply but somehow I ended up with some and won a heated vest which was donated to a mate that didn't have one - winter is approaching!

Elvis entertained us and members were soon jiving away. All good fun. Sunday there was much on site to see and do but my wheels were calling and off we went to a Craft Centre near Henstead, then Beccles, Haddiscoe, Belton, Burgh Castle and Gorleston-on-Sea, Bungay, Fressingfield and Dennington - not many miles but mainly empty twisty roads. The evenings entertainment was the Quiz - way beyond me with an offering of only a few answers but the hall was crowded and the air very competitive.

My request for an early start was not met with huge enthusiasm but they played and we were gone by 0730 - punishment being brekkie at a Burger King en route! But we had a wonderful quiet ride across Suffolk and our first traffic was at Stow (I won't mention how 4 became 3+1 before gathering together again for coffee at Buckingham) . Farewell hugs at Cheltenham and the M5 was quietish so home in 9 hours. Many thanx to Sally, Brian and Graham for your company and being 'route masters' and to all those who worked so hard both before and during the weekend to make it a brilliant time for so many.








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